3 Reasons You Should Track Your Practice’s Online Leads

You work hard and invest a lot to attract new patients to your practice. After all, your clients are the reason your business exists in the first place. Using online resources like your website and social media to supplement your other ways of attracting new patients makes a lot of sense.

However, you want to make sure your online lead generation efforts are working, otherwise they could simply be a waste of time. If you don’t track online leads already, you aren’t making the most of online lead generation. Here are three reasons you should track the leads that find you online.

1. Personalize the Customer Experience

When you use a CRM with lead tracking, you have a complete picture of each potential patient. As your sales team accumulates information about the prospect, data will all be stored together so you have a clearer picture about how to best serve them. This picture helps your sales team to personalize their sales pitches and communications to address a prospect’s specific needs.

Personalization doesn’t just increase your chances of getting new business, it also gives an opportunity to create a strong customer relationship with your patients.

2. Fast and Accurate Reporting

When you use sales tracking software to track online leads, the amount of data available to you ensures your business forecasts will be both insightful and accurate. Using software with reporting built in will give you up-to-the-minute reports without the need for time-consuming work needed to create them.

3. Higher Customer Retention

Imagine trying to run your front office with Post-it® Notes. Your practice would quickly devolve into anarchy, right? When you use a CRM that allows you to track online leads, your replies and follow-ups to new and existing patients will flow smoothly. That means fewer missed opportunities and higher satisfaction from the people who contact you.


3 Reasons You Should Track Your Practice's Online Leads
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3 Reasons You Should Track Your Practice's Online Leads
Here are 3 reasons you should track online leads from your medical practice's website and social media by LeadAlign, a HIPAA-compliant medical CRM.