3 Tips When You’re Wondering How to Track Your Leads

It’s common knowledge that the more you understand a sales lead, the more likely you are to close a deal with them. Understanding a prospective client takes effective lead management from the beginning.

Man stressed out with envelopesIf you run a medical practice, understanding the reasons people contact you can also help you tailor your sales conversations to show the value of your service to them. These three tips can help you understand where your prospects are coming from.

1. Invest in Lead Tracking Software

Lead tracking software can be an effective way to manage both leads and clients for small- and medium-sized medical practices. When you run a medical practice, it’s also important to find a HIPAA-compliant system.

Find lead tracking software that can track all the aspects of your digital marketing efforts as well as provide lead management.

2. Use Unique Tracking Links

You may sometimes notice codes with UTM embedded in web page code or web addresses. This a way to directly pass information to Google Analytics about a link that sent someone to your website. These codes are used in the links to your practice’s website that you post on social media, in emails or in digital advertising. Tracking codes help you monitor the success of your PPC and digital marketing campaigns.

3. Ask Them!

Sometimes you’ll get an email or telephone call from a prospective patient out of the blue; it isn’t that uncommon. In cases where you can’t use technology to record a referral, simply ask each prospect where they heard about you, or who sent them to you.

Knowing where your leads are coming from is the important first step to any lead management strategy. The more you know about your sources of prospective clients, the better you’re able understand both their needs and how they go about searching to fulfill them.


3 Tips When You're Wondering How to Track Your Leads
Article Name
3 Tips When You're Wondering How to Track Your Leads
If you're unsure how to track the leads you get online, here are 3 lead management tips from LeadAlign, a HIPAA-compliant medical CRM, to get you started.