3 Ways a Medical CRM Can Increase Patient Engagement

Happy patients are at the heart of every medical practice. To get clients to continually return to your services, you’ll need to provide a great experience from start to finish, which includes an ongoing level of patient engagement. Continued engagement is one of the best ways to make your customers feel valued, and the right lead management software can help immensely with just that.

1. Regular Newsletters

Keep leads and existing patients informed on procedure specials along with discounts for products or new treatments you’re offering with regular email newsletters. A medical CRM can automate your newsletter process, freeing up your staff and making sure you never miss a send-out date. You can also add a personal touch to your emails by automating a special birthday offers on or just before a client’s birthday.

2. Automated Patient Retention Strategy

One-time patients are an inevitability for any practice, but a good patient retention strategy can reach out to those you haven’t seen in a while and encourage another visit. Automate an email or text message program that contacts clients who haven’t been in for a while to offer them an exclusive, time-sensitive deal on a relevant treatment or product. For clients who have repeat treatments, you can send out automated reminders.

3. Clean Up Your Lead Management

There isn’t much that will turn a lead off like being contacted repeatedly by agents who don’t seem to know they’ve already been contacted. Tracking leads manually is bound to result in a few contacts who slip through the cracks, and this type of mistake can result in unflattering reviews. A medical CRM keeps track of every lead’s history and exactly where they are on the sales funnel, reducing the chances that you’ll mix up their information.

3 Ways a Medical CRM Can Increase Patient Engagement
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3 Ways a Medical CRM Can Increase Patient Engagement
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