3 Ways to Maximize Your Email Leads

Email is definitely not dead. There are still more email accounts than social media accounts, and research suggests that the click-through rate for email is much higher than it is for social media. Whether your emails are relegated to the spam folder depends on how you go about your email marketing strategy. Follow these tips to help you make the most of email lead management.

1. Get Them to Opt In

Make it enticing (and easy!) to opt-in to your emails and newsletters. Add an opt-in icon wherever you can, but don’t use tactics that make users feel bombarded. Surround the sign-up bar with as little text as possible. Make sure you’re promising subscribers some return for opting in, such as offering them exclusive deals.

2. Don’t Be Generic

Create thoughtful customer personas, and tailor your content to suit each one.

Craft emails that recognize and cater to each persona’s individual wants, needs and tastes.

If you have good lead tracking software, you should be able to determine who visits your site, when, and from where. From there, you can begin to divide your leads into persona categories and deliver content specifically designed to appeal most to those demographics.

3. Just Say No to Spam

You’d never purposely clog up your potential customers’ inboxes with junk mail. However, using too much sales jargon is a good way to trigger spam sensing software. This can happen even if someone has opted in to receiving your emails. Just keep the voice of your content genuine and avoid using phrases like “you won’t believe your eyes” or “limited time offer.”

If you can nail the art of the email, you’ll have a powerful tool for attracting quality leads and cultivating real relationships with potential customers.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Email Leads
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Three Ways to Maximize Your Email Leads
Want to get more quality email leads for your medical practice? LeadAlign offers four simple lead management tips to step up your email game.