HIPAA Compliance for Lead Tracking

HIPAA compliance doesn’t onlybigstockphoto_Portrait_Of_Successful_Lady_Do_4733148 apply to the interactions that occur within your practice walls. Medical marketing and lead tracking, which both typically include sensitive personal data like names, addresses and more, also need to fall with patient privacy guidelines.

Where HIPAA and Marketing Intersect

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) spells out very specific boundaries for how patient information must be protected by medical practices. Not only is HIPAA compliance legally mandated (deliberate violations are subject to hefty penalties), but reassuring your existing and prospective patients that your practice strictly follows HIPAA compliance guidelines gives them an added level of trust in your services, including your marketing strategies.

Medical lead tracking can provide invaluable insight into which marketing channels are working best for practices. At the same time, standard marketing solutions simply don’t maintain the necessary level of privacy and security that’s necessary when those marketing efforts revolve around protected health information.

Communication that’s exchanged between healthcare providers and patients or prospective patients may include discussion in some detail about medical history and other personal issues. This means the need of HIPAA compliance has to expand enough to cover any marketing activities that may include communication on these subjects, including lead tracking.

HIPAA compliance may be one of the most important parts of running a successful medical practice, but it can also be one of the biggest challenges. Maintaining the full confidentiality of your patients and prospects with HIPAA-compliant lead tracking is one less worry on your marketing plate.

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance for Lead Tracking
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Maintaining HIPAA Compliance for Lead Tracking
LeadAlign explains why HIPAA compliance is an essential part of medical lead tracking, which is an additional consideration for medical crm and marketing.