How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Generate Leads

man connecting images of people on a mapInfluencer marketing has been a much-discussed topic over the past few years, which should come as no surprise considering its effectiveness. Influencer marketing functions as a hybrid between celebrity endorsement and word-of-mouth in an environment of highly targeted and motivated enthusiasts.

By leveraging people with a topical connection to your industry and many followers, you can expose your medical practice to thousands of potential clients for a relatively small investment. When you build a network of influencers, you can turn your practice into a brand name.

Use Tools Like Online Lead Tracking to Know Your Customers

Before you start looking for influencers, you need to have a good understanding of the people in your market. Traditional marketing tools such as customer personas and demographic research should already have been finished and internalized by your marketing team. You can get detailed customer information through your online lead tracking efforts or by conducting surveys.

Techniques like online lead tracking, surveys and market research can be used to compile information about the types of people most likely to become your clients.

Once you know the answers to questions like who your ideal customer is and who’s most likely to become a client of your medical practice, you’ll have a good idea where to start your search for influencers. Simply put, your influencers and their audiences should be people who want to use your service.

How Influencers Benefit Your Medical Practice

Unlike regular advertising, social influencers have already built trust and authority with their followers. When they discuss your business, their followers are being given an introduction from someone they know and like. This acts as an informal endorsement of your practice, and helps new clientele feel predisposed to feel positive of your business and your services.

How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Generate Leads
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How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Generate Leads
How can social influencers can help grow your practice? LeadAlign explains how influencer marketing and online lead tracking work better together.