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LeadAlign™ helps you track online and offline leads, make better marketing investment decisions,
and create a centralized place where your whole practice goes to manage leads.

1. Install LeadAlign™

Once you sign up, our Installation Team will reach out with next steps. We will customize your forms and install them on your website so it can easily communicate with the LeadAlign system.

2. Log in to View Leads

As leads come in, you will instantly get an email notifying you that a lead has just been submitted. You will be prompted to log into the secure, HIPAA-compliant system to view the lead.

3. Manage Your Leads

Within LeadAlign you can actively manage your leads from first response through final sale and beyond. Respond to a lead, record the history of your interaction with a lead, assign a lead to someone else at your organization, record income for a lead, and run reports.

4. Enter Income to
Track ROI

Once a lead has converted, you can enter in the income from that lead to track return on investment (ROI). Then in the Reports section, you can generate reports showing total income from specific referral sources. From there, it’s a simple step to adjust your marketing spending to align with the marketing investments that are really paying off.

5. Run Reports

Run reports by referral source, revenue, procedure, type, and more! LeadAlign will run a variety of reports so you can see firsthand where your leads are coming from and how they are doing for you.

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