How Online Reviews Work With Your Lead Tracking

Social proof is the most valuable form of marketing today. If a celebrity endorses a product or experts tout the value of a service, you can expect others to follow suit. Consumers base a significant number of their purchasing decisions on online reviews. In fact, social proof is so powerful that today, online reviews hold the bulk of social influence. Any business owner knows the sinking feeling of a bad review, but with the right approach to client engagement, you can make reviews work for you rather than against you while keeping your customers happy.

Respond Well to Criticism

Believe it or not, having some negative reviews is better than nothing. Most people today will skim past a listing that hasn’t been reviewed yet, and unanimously excellent reviews can appear suspicious. If someone writes you a negative review, don’t panic. Instead, take the time to write a thoughtful response. Potential leads will read your reply and interpret it as a good sign that you value your customers.

Take the Initiative

Soliciting reviews can be difficult without taking some initiative. When possible, ask your clients to fill out a quick online review before they go home. This can ensure their experience is at top of mind while they provide feedback. You can also offer time-sensitive discounts as an incentive for a review and to encourage a repeat client.

Nurture Your New Leads

Once you’ve got a few reviews on different websites, you can use your lead management software to track the online leads coming from review sites. Knowing which website directed your leads could clue you into other insights to personalize your marketing. Direct new leads to your social media presence to generate more social proof and better quality leads.

How Online Reviews Can Work for Your Lead Tracking
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How Online Reviews Can Work for Your Lead Tracking
The marketing experts at LeadAlign explain the importance of reviews for your business and how you can make customer reviews work for you.