How the “Buyer’s Journey” Changes in a Medical Practice

shutterstock_114258754All businesses are familiar with the “buyer’s journey,” sometimes referred to as the sales funnel, which refers to the steps a prospective client undergoes before committing to a purchase. Traditionally, the buyer’s journey is some variation of three steps:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision/Conversion

When it comes to marketing for your medical practice, however, there are a few key differences.

A Long-Term Relationship

While every new purchase can be considered a victory, most businesses strive to maintain a solid client base with repeat business over time. The medical sector is no different – long-term relationships are the top priority, and the concern runs both ways. People seeking a medical service are generally looking for a provider they can trust and refer to for their needs for many years to come. This focus on a long-lasting commitment makes the decision/conversion phase multilayered.


Typically, the first step of converting a lead to a patient is their initial consultation at your practice. It’s important to keep in mind that a consultation is commitment-free. By maintaining the outlook that you need to continue to win over your leads even as they schedule their first procedure, you can avoid dropping the ball before the long-term commitment.

The Recovery Period

Just as doctors stress to patients that their recovery period is an essential step in achieving the best results, this time is a special opportunity to further solidify your first-time patients into repeat customers. The recovery period can be a sensitive time for people who have had surgery or another major medical procedure, and offering extra support during this time offers your practice the chance to develop a more personal and supportive relationship with each patient. Only once recovery is complete can you safely determine whether your leads might become a part of your reliable client base.

How the Buyer’s Journey Changes in a Medical Practice
Article Name
How the Buyer’s Journey Changes in a Medical Practice
LeadAlign discusses why the buyer’s journey is different for medical practices than other businesses and how to convert leads into long-term clients.