How to Make the Most of Online Patient Reviews

People today post online reviews about everything from food trucks to physicians. In fact, there are several websites dedicated solely to patient ratings of doctors and medical practices. A few years ago, nobody paid much attention to online reviews and ratings. Now, practices must consider the importance of reviews as an integral part of their lead management strategy.

Word of Mouth 2.0

Word of mouth matters as much as it ever did. It’s just that word gets out differently now. A survey showed that 88 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend.

Online reviews are often the first impression someone has of your practice.

As important as good reviews are, don’t ever be tempted to fake them. Review sites are designed to pick up on unscrupulous up-rating and it won’t win you any fans if word gets out that you manipulated or fabricated reviews.

Managing Online Reviews

Encourage your happy patients to leave reviews, and make it easy for them to do so. Establish your presence across social media platforms and review websites. Then, make sure to set up your lead tracking software to show you when visitors are coming from review sites. When great reviews draw leads to your website, keep their positive impression of you going by making sure your site is welcoming and engaging. Your website should be organized, easy to navigate and contain helpful content that encourages visitors to stick around.

How to Make the Most of Online Patient Reviews
Article Name
How to Make the Most of Online Patient Reviews
Positive ratings and reviews are important to your success. LeadAlign explains how to incorporate online reviews into your lead management strategy.