Lead Management vs. Client Management Software

man with head in hands at deskWhen you’ve run a medical practice long enough, you get a feeling for patient turnover. Some patients will stay with your practice for years, but others will come and go. The more specialized your practice is, the more likely you’ll experience more patient turnover.

If your field of medicine requires you to always be on the lookout for new patients and referrals, doesn’t it seem like a tool that only manages customers would be less effective than a tool that also helps you turn new leads into customers?

What Is Lead Management vs. Client Management?

Many types of CRM software exist, mainly to help you keep track of your customers, which is important. However, easily managing leads and prospects isn’t always a priority in CRM systems like these. Client management software is there to help you manage your existing relationships with your patients, not track new leads.

Lead management software helps you track and nurture new relationships with people who have expressed interest in your medical practice. Not all lead management software is a drop-in replacement for a full-fledged medical CRM, but it can be an invaluable tool for your sales team.

If you’re in a business with a lot of patient turnover, traditional client management software can quickly bog down your staff and slow down your sales team.

Which One Do I Need?

The system your practice needs depends on the type of business you run. All software in medical practices must be HIPAA-compliant, so that is the first thing to look for when choosing a system.

A small general practice with a large percentage of lifetime patients may not need lead management software at all, while a large cosmetic surgery clinic may be lost without it. In both cases, a HIPAA-compliant CRM is also needed. Find a system that integrates both leads and clients based on where you fall in this spectrum.


Online Lead Tracking Versus Client Management Software
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Online Lead Tracking Versus Client Management Software
For small medical practices, online lead tracking software such as LeadAlign, a HIPAA-compliant medical CRM, may be a better fit than a traditional CRM.