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LeadAlign for Agencies

Are you a web or marketing agency working with many clients who’s interested in offering medical lead tracking as part of your services? LeadAlign offers a white label solution that lets you track medical leads for clients at a competitive pricing plan.

Medical Lead Tracking for Marketers

Tracking medical leads is different than tracking other online leads, and LeadAlign is designed with those differences in mind. At a glance, your dashboard breaks down the traffic to your client’s site according to source: direct visit, organic search, PPC, referring visit or coming from another related site. When combined with ROI tracking, this makes it easy for you to show your client exactly where their marketing efforts are packing the biggest punch.

White label lead tracking

LeadAlign’s HIPAA-compliant lead tracking software also delivers real-time status updates, and gives you a range of ways to customize reports. Best of all, LeadAlign’s white label capability means you can offer all of this to your clients while ensuring consistency with your own brand.

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