Making Sense of Online Lead Management

No matter how much you’ve likely heard about the importance of online lead management, that doesn’t make the concept any easier to grasp for non-marketers. Even if you’re religiously using specialized software designed for tracking online leads, do you know how to analyze the results? Lead analysis can be a fantastic business resource… provided you know how to make sense of what the numbers are telling you.

How to Make Online Leads Work for You

The first step towards making online lead management a worthwhile business resource is identifying the areas you wish to concentrate on. Once you have appropriate goals in mind, and a baseline against which to measure performance, here’s what to look for in your web analytics.

Look at the information from several angles, which may include the number of visitors, which marketing strategies are proving most popular, and what patterns you can identify in customer behavior. Don’t simply focus on one area; maximum ROI can only be achieved by treating lead management as a holistic process.

The specifics of what you need to pay attention to will vary but, to get you started, try looking at the bounce rate, how many visitors stayed on your website for more than 2 minutes and how they got there. If one marketing method has a particularly low score in this area, is it worth spending time and money on improvements, or could those efforts work better elsewhere?

Online lead management can bring fantastic results to your business, as long as you have clear objectives, a baseline against which to measure findings and commitment to regular monitoring and tweaking as required.

Making Sense of Online Lead Management
Article Name
Making Sense of Online Lead Management
LeadAlign shares how combining analytics with online lead management can help you better focus your marketing efforts where they count the most.