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Below are a few approved vendors that have been vetted by Sector45 Partners, LLC (LeadAlign’s parent company) for our clients. We’ve found these companies to provide the best solutions within their respective industries, and are happy to help you connect with their services.

Solutionreach Patient Engagement Platform

Solutionreach is an all-inclusive patient engagement platform, full of solutions that are designed to fill the holes that often occur along the care delivery stream.

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Review Concierge Reputation Management

Review Concierge’s technology provides online review management for healthcare providers and professionals.

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Apex Chat Turnkey Live Chat Service

Apex provides HIPAA compliant live chat services to our customers. Unlike most live chat providers, they use their own platform and employ agents to service chats. Contact us for info on reaching out to them.

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Sookasa HIPAA Complaint Cloud Storage

Sookasa provides HIPAA compliant cloud storage with unprecedented security and control in the cloud. If you are sharing medical files of any sort in your practice, you should be using Sookasa. Contact us prior to reaching out to them.

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Zen Payroll

Top notch payroll service that is simple and affordable. Sector45 has vetted and uses this company as well for their payroll needs.

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Processing Point Merchant Services

We have partnered with Processing Point to provide our clients first class merchant processing services. Contact us for info on reaching out to them.

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