Prioritize Your Prospects with Medical Lead Management

One of the great things about sales is that there is always someone new to buy what you’re selling. Unfortunately, there isn’t always more time when you need it; after all, there are only 24 hours in a day. That’s why we prioritize our tasks, and why we need to also prioritize our sales leads.

You probably already know not to waste too much time on leads that aren’t likely to become clients of your medical practice, or on those who aren’t a good fit. However, it also pays to breakdown your valuable leads and prospects by quality and prioritize the time you spend on each.

Rather than simply working leads as they show up on your desk, good medical lead management says you should break them down according to the amount of interest they’ve shown. That way you can make sure you’re spending the most time nurturing your most valuable prospects.

Inbound leads are usually the most valuable, so it makes sense to make them your top priority.

Lead prioritization is something to think about when you look for medical lead management software for your practice.

Inbound Leads Are King

You should always put the people who have contacted you at the head of the line. These are people who already believe your medical practice may have something to offer. And make sure you follow up quickly. According to the Harvard Business Review, businesses that replied to inbound leads within an hour were seven times as likely to qualify the lead as those who waited 24 hours or longer.

In other words, your sales team should be replying to inbound leads as they come in, not once a day. Good medical lead management software can not only help with this, it can make it easy.


Prioritize Your Prospects with Medical Lead Management
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Prioritize Your Prospects with Medical Lead Management
LeadAlign, a HIPAA-compliant medical CRM, writes that good lead management means prioritizing your inbound leads based on quality and responding quickly.