Web Design Trends for Medical Sites

A big part of medical CRM is maintaining a great website. All of your efforts to bring in leads won’t be worth much if your site scares them away. Part of having a website that turns leads into patients is keeping up with web design trends. Even the best websites need to be updated — and sometimes totally overhauled — once in a while in order to stay competitive. The way people use technology is always changing and practices that don’t accommodate those changes may get left behind.

Mobile Friendly Design Is a Must

More and more, people are using their phones to conduct their business online. If people can’t properly see your site or if it’s functionality is affected because it’s not designed for mobile use, chances are they won’t stick around. One new trend in site design, responsive and adaptive websites, ensures that visitors can see your site perfectly whether they’re visiting from their phone, their tablet or their big screen TV.

Simple Is the New Complex

We’ve seen the trend toward streamlined simplicity in our hardware. Phones, computers and other devices are getting smaller and sleeker. Today’s tech takes a visibly minimalist approach. People want sophisticated, not complicated. This trend plays well on your website, too, but that doesn’t mean it should be drab or boring.

The perfect web design finds the right balance between artistry and simplicity.

Make sure that smart web design is part of your lead tracking strategy. Your site should be intuitive about what your visitors might be looking for. Keep it fresh by addressing current events that might be relevant to them. For instance, have a section or page answering questions people might have about the Affordable Care Act.

The Latest Web Design Trends for Medical Sites
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The Latest Web Design Trends for Medical Sites
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