What’s the Best Way to Handle Dead Leads?

451613245When it comes to lead management, you’re playing a bit of a numbers game. No matter how effective your inbound marketing strategy may be, you won’t convert every lead. Part of efficient lead management involves focusing on your most qualified leads and not wasting your time or resources on leads that seem unlikely to convert. But not all leads that appear to be dead are really out of the running.


Before you break out some fresh body bags for a stale pile of leads, it’s always a good idea to reengage to see if there’s any life left in them. Keep in mind that your leads may have stopped engaging with you for any number of reasons, including changes in their personal lives, and a lack of response for some time doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’ve lost interest.

Maintain Balance

While you do want to engage leads that have gone silent, it’s important to maintain a subtle balance to revive dead leads. Tickling your leads can be an effective way to communicate that you haven’t forgotten about them and make them feel special. However, if a lead has been unresponsive for some time, you could risk turning them off completely by overwhelming them with marketing messages. Don’t go for a sale just yet. Instead, consider asking dead leads for feedback or offering a deliverable relevant to their interests.

Stay Organized

If you haven’t updated or organized your CRM system in a while, there’s a good chance you’ve got some leads in your database that have been gathering dust. Using a lead management software system that keeps your data and leads automatically organized can help make sure your prospects aren’t left behind and leads that are really dead get cut loose.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Your Dead Leads?
Article Name
What’s the Best Way to Handle Your Dead Leads?
Inbound marketers at LeadAlign offer some tips on how to handle dead leads, including reconnecting and maintaining an organized CRM database.