Why HIPAA Compliance Matters in Medical Lead Tracking

All medical facilities nationwide have been required to comply with certain security and coverage protection standards set by HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. While HIPAA standards may seem irrelevant to your marketing software, the interest of protecting the security and rights of your patients is directly linked to how you manage your leads.

Effects of HIPAA

HIPAA went into effect in 1996 and is designed to protect the health insurance coverage of workers and individuals. In addition to protecting coverage of workers and their families in the event of a change or loss of employment, HIPAA established national standards for electronic health care transactions to prevent fraud and abuse. This makes anything that involves the handling of sensitive patient information, including medical lead tracking, relevant to HIPAA compliance.

Lead Management for Your Medical Practice

As in any business, lead tracking and inbound marketing are essential for the success of your medical facility. However, most standard marketing systems don’t have adequate security measures in place for the kind of sensitive information a healthcare business is likely to handle. That’s why it’s important to use lead management software that is specifically designed to serve businesses in the healthcare sector.

Maximum Protection for Happier Patients

Managing your leads requires communicating with prospective clients in a way that assures them of the confidentiality of any sensitive information. When it comes to the healthcare sector, it’s normal for patients to have concerns about whether their private details and history will be shared outside of their knowledge. Assuring your existing patients as well as your leads that your practice complies with HIPAA standards, including in your inbound marketing practices, helps make you a trustworthy medical provider.

Why HIPAA Compliance Matters in Medical Lead Tracking
Article Name
Why HIPAA Compliance Matters in Medical Lead Tracking
The medical marketers at LeadAlign explain why compliance with HIPAA standards is important in lead management for healthcare facilities and practices.