You Are Throwing Money Away by Not Tickling Leads

Customer support operator close up portrait. call center smiliIf you’ve got some old leads lying around that look deader than a doornail at first glance, don’t erase that database just yet. Instead, see what you can shake up with some well-aimed pokes right to the ribs. Chances are, those seemingly dead-end lead are actually only sleeping—and it’s time to wake them up with a little tickle.

That Lead’s Not Dead, Jim

Compared to the time, effort and expense of landing a new lead, reviving an old one is easy. With 7 billion people in the world, gaining even one person’s interest in your humble venture should feel like a massive success. Even though not all of those leads will end up converting, it doesn’t make financial sense to write off non-responsive leads before you make really, really, really sure there’s no pulse there.

There are lots of reasons a formerly promising lead can fall dormant. Maybe they had every intention of following up, but their immediate plans changed. Or maybe more front-and-center issues distracted them from their long-term goals with you. Either way, a friendly reminder that you exist could be enough to pick up that conversion right where you left off.

Singling your neglected lead out for a little extra attention brings the added bonus of helping them feel valued. After all, you didn’t have to reach out. You could’ve forgotten all about them, like most businesses would do. Setting your business apart by showing how much you care about each individual is a sentiment any lead will respond well to.

With the right combination of breathing new life into a lead you thought was dead and careful lead management, you should be able to coax that spark right up into a full-fledged bonfire in no time.

You Are Throwing Money Away by Not Tickling Leads
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You Are Throwing Money Away by Not Tickling Leads
LeadAlign explains why the biggest effort put toward your leads lies in landing them, and how tickling a dead lead could bring that sale back to life.